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CIMA Management Accounting Program

 To equip students with specialties in cost control and management, financial analysis and management, strategic management, risk management, and human resources management, we plan the CIMA Management Accounting Program (the “Program”) by integrating existing courses offered by the department based on the programs offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) for students of this department.

      I. After being admitted to the program and completing related courses, students will receive the Certificate of Completion of the Specialized Program of the NCCU College of Commerce.
      II. After completing this program, students are qualified to register to the CIMA qualifications. After passing all six courses during the program length, apart from receiving a full scholarship from CIMA, the department will grant a scholarship to students as an encouragement in accordance with the CIMA Qualification Fee and Scholarship and Subsidization Outlines.