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International Dual Degree Master Program

The Department of Accounting cooperates with the foreign schools listed below in implementing the International Dual Degree Master Program. The program aims to increase internationalization and help our students to pursue a master degree of accounting abroad, while expanding their learning horizon and cultural experience. The program was initiated in the school year of 2010. Senior undergraduate students and graduate students are eligible to apply for the program. Senior undergraduate students are required to fulfill all graduation credits. Students who pass the entrance examination held by the Department of Accounting and the sister department in the U.S. can attend the one-year program abroad at their own expense or with a scholarship offered by Ernst & Young. Students who complete the program can receive both a bachelor degree of accounting from NCCU and a master degree of accounting from the sister school or a double master degree of accounting from both schools.

Contracted universities for International Dual Degree Master Program:

1.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2.University of Florida

3.Michigan State University

4.Purdue University

5.Singapore Management University
6.Arizona State University