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Established in 1958, the Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University, is renowned in Taiwan and worldwide for its culture and humanistuc heritage, professional leadership, academic excellence and outstanding faculty. We endeavor to provide distinguished education and strengthen academic studies in order to implement the NCCU strategy of attaining  the status of one of the “World’s Top Universities” and “Asian Harvard.” We also constantly strive through prudence and precision to improve the quality of our academic research and degree of internationalization. Through the efforts of our faculty and students as well as the support of our alumni, we will continue to cultivate leading talents in the field of accounting and management for Taiwan and Asia.
The Department of Accounting established its Accounting Research Center in 1997. The Accounting Research Center is widely esteemed by domestic and international academics and is devoted not only to fostering innovative studies in the fields of accounting and management but also to formulating financial reporting standards. The Taiwan Intellectual Capital Research Center has been commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Top University Plan, and the National Science Council to execute precursory research and industry-academic cooperation. It is regarded as an important institute for intellectual capital studies in Asia. The Center of Overseas Taiwanese Business Studies has been honored with a multiple-yearly inter-school interdisciplinary research project commissioned by the National Science Council. It has become the best integrative research institute in Greater China for its long-term concentrative studies in this region. The Overseas Taiwanese Business Database is one of its significant achievements. The Center for XBRL Promotion and Studies in Taiwan is the chief team for XBRL research in Taiwan. We successfully license the technology resulting from NSC research projects to theTaiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and the Gre Tai Securities Market and in so doing have overseen the first case of technology transfer at NCCU.
The Department of Accounting is presently offering new courses such as Case Method and Participant-Centered Courses, Accounting for the 21st Century, Forensic Accounting, Business Valuation, Case Studies in Management Accounting, and eIFRS. We also were the first to offer a University Honor’s Program and a five-year Bachelor/Master’s program so as to cultivate high-quality professionals in the fields of accounting and management. We initiated the International Double Degree Program and International Exchange in the school year of 2009 and now enjoy sister school status with leading universities in the U.S., such as the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Michigan State University, University of Florida, Purdue University, Singapore Management University, the University of Texas at Austin and Arizona State University, allowing our students to expand their international vision and improve their technology innovation ability.
Rare fortune situates us on a beautiful campus surrounded by green hills. It has been an honor, an obligation and a great challenge for me to take over the position of Department Chair. I endeavor with enthusiasm to streamline the communication and coordination in our department. Hopefully, through the support and assistance of one and all, the Department of Accounting can be united. We can all view the operations of the Department and its mission as a collective vision and responsibility. Thus, we will open a brand-new page of another fifty years for the Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University.
Professor and Chair,Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University