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Law and Accounting Joint Program

    In order to provide students with professional talent in law, accounting and other fields, our department has worked with the Department of Law since 2004. Together, we started the Law and Accounting Master Degree Program. (Here is a brief description of our program.) This program is mainly targeted for master students whom majored in our department as well as master or PhD students from the Department of Law. The limitation of applicants accepted per semester is 30 students. For the students who are selected through the Special Admission for this Program, the school committee will assign an advisor to assist the students on the courses. Students are required to complete 18 credits before graduating. As for students from our department, they need to take at least 9 credits from classes in the Department of Law (including College courses and Master courses) and within these credits, at least 3 of them must be courses offered for Master students only. If the courses are for college students, it will only be counted as half of the regular credits. Once the students have completed all required courses and passed the courses, they are qualified to fill out the 「Certificate of Taking Courses Application Form」 and sent to the office along with their transcripts. After checking and signed by the Chief of Academic Affair and the Principle, the school will offer the certificate.