NCCU Freshmen Welcome Week: Over 1,600 freshmen getting ready to start a new chapter

  • 2017-09-13
  • 張鈺婕
Yuanling Liang (梁元齡) & Chunmin Yi (易淳敏) / Campus Reporter
In the session of “Familiarizing NCCU,” several offices provided new students with abundant information about the school. Campus security, career development, gender equality, exhibition informations, library resources and the school history were all on the guide list. In terms of the “Club Nights,” 17 clubs gave brilliant performances to show the vitality of NCCU. The video filler completely caught freshmens’ eyes, raising their anticipation on Club Exhibition. 
As for the “NCCU Scenery” session, the freshmen were led to tour the campus as well as experience sporting activities with school varsities. The Griffin, men’s division 1 basketball varsity which was just formed this year, also took part in the activities. Some other school teams, such as the volleyball team, fencing team and tennis team, also joined the event. Chang Kai-long, coach of the tennis team, said that he hopes the session can indignite freshmen’s passion for joining school varsities.
On the welcoming ceremony, President Edward Chow reminded the students of the importance of having a dream in life, and contributing to others. He not only emphasized the necessity of learning English, but also encouraged students to possess “self-learning” ability, to get involved in different fields and to learn happily in the following four years.
“The most beautiful scenery in NCCU is people!”, Li-fen Kao, dean of Student Affairs, thus welcomed all the freshmen. She reminded the students of cultivating the abilities of reading, thinking, taking action, creating and determining. “Take adventures and learn broadly in university; differentiate the assistance from the obstacles, go against the wind to soar in the sky,” stated Kao.
Yen Jun-yang and Li Chien-chih, freshmen respectively from the Department of Public Finance and Psychology, were impressed by the Welcome Week, for it gave them a thorough guidance to the school within a short time. Li further stated that he is looking forward to exploring cuisines and spots near the school. Freshman Li from the Department of Law said the “NCCU Scenery” session was creative and fun; not only did he get to know more about the campus but he also became familiar with the various school teams.
The Welcome Week dates from September 6 to 8, aiming to offer the students a series of amazing activities and welcome them to become new members of the NCCU family.