35 departments rolled up their sleeves, draw the Bao-zhong Tea Festival to a perfect end

  • 2017-11-14
  • 張鈺婕
By Weichen Chen & Chunmin Yi /Campus Reporter

The 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival was held on Nov. 4., attracting many high school students and their parents to participate despite of the gloomy weather   , NCCU students tried their best to introduce the specialities of each department to different high school students flowed in NCCU, demonstrating ing the colorful school life and the vitality of NCCU.

 According to the Office of Academic Affair, with the topic of “Love NCCU,” the 2017 Bao-zhong Tea Festival attracted more than 3000 students to attend, consisting of 74 booths, 35 departments ardently participating in.
 The Department of Chinese Literature used “Century Tea House(百年茶坊)” as their theme, and expected to model themselves on the Sage of Tea  Lu Yu as they gave every visiting student a cup of hot tea. They also decorated the booth with a sakura tree, onto which the high school students hang their little wishing cards. By this way, they can  experience one of the required courses of the Department of Chinese Literature.
 "The Space BAs” of the Department of Business Administration, with large-scale space properties and delicate cosmological  setting, was completed by 90 staff members. High school students were involved in the professional information and games of the department simultaneously.
The booth of the Department of the Arabic Language and Culture was filled with Middle-East features and cuisines, including Arabic calligraphy, middle-east snacks of rice pudding, mint black tea and date palm. The traditional painting especially attracted a crowd of people to check-in and share on Facebook, which successfully advertised the booth.
 Different from the past, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures focused on the diverse Slavic communities, introducing not only Russia but Poland and Czech Republic. They also offered Żurek (sour rye soup), Polish pickles and yogurt for high school students to explore  the cultures in depth.
 Many departments also showed their creativities through special outfits. Students of Department of Korean Language and Culture danced in front of the administration building in traditional korean clothes, while students of Department of Land Economics weared the working outfit when doing the geomatics. In addition, students of Department of Law put on judge’s robe to be eye-catching. Wearing in professional suits with scarfs, students of Department of International Business used  “airport” as the theme, implying the flight to  the dreams.
Other than that, many departments had their epic shows. For example, College of Communication showed 4 different styles of performance, including rhythmic popping dance and sexy pop dance. Department of Business Administration had more than 30 students dance in their high school uniforms to bridge the gap between university and high school. Department of Sociology printed bookmarks with “Commodity Fetishism” on it, demonstrating what their courses contain. Department of Education used “minion” as their mascot, showing their vigor and catching people’s eyes. Through playing little games with high school students, Department of Diplomacy made the international situation understood.
 Fan, Zhi-chun (范智鈞), from Taichung MingDao High School, has targeted the NCCU Department of International Business as his top priority for a long time. Reading read international news and analyzing international trade are his favorite activities in leisure time, and after the further introduction to the department by seniors, he made a resolution to join the Department of International Business.

 Zhu, Pin-yu (朱品瑜), from Chaiyi Girls’ Senior High School, considers studying in NCCU Department of Psychology as her goal due to her interest in consulting and the knowledge of Psychology . Chen, Jing-ru (陳靖如), also from Chaiyi Girls’ Senior High School, is interested in Psychology and Law at the same time. She was once fascinated by the study of constitution in junior high school.
Owing to the noticeable outcomes of NCCU’s  internationalization, Lin, Chen-wei (林宸煒), student in Song-shan Senior High School, is strongly interested in the exchange program NCCU provides. He hoped to utilize the international sources of NCCU to study abroad and become well-prepared for the future career.

Besides the high school students and their parents, some alumni of the Department of Law who served in the district court in Chiayi surprisingly showed up at the Bao-zhong Tea Festival. They came back to NCCU during the vacation and found the Bao-zhong Tea Festival intriguing  and cool.