History and Mission


Environment and History
        Our university is located at the foot of Mt. Chihnan and beside the stream. After NCCU was founded in Taiwan, we have always been planning to expand. Currently, the area of the main campus is approximately 106 hectares large, with nine different colleges and well equipped researching, sports and leisure facilities. We also have a wide hillside where friends and families can go for a walk or gathering. There are many famous tourist attractions nearby such as the Chihnan Temple, MaoKong Tea Garden and the Taipei Zoo. In addition, here are also many hiking trails around our campus for students who enjoy hiking, doing leisure activities or drinking tea at MaoKong. These are the fabulous advantages for those universities located in the downtown city can never imagine of.
        The Department of Accounting in National Chengchi University was founded in 1958. Formerly the Department of Accounting and Statistics, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Statistics were divided in 1966. In 1969, our Masters Program was formed and we started our PhD Program in 1991. We were the first university to establish the Masters and PhD Programs for the Department of Accounting. The Department of Accounting has been encouraging talented students for higher education, and our department has been accepting students through application admissions since 2002. We began a Tax Group for our Masters Program in 2003 and have cooperated with Law School and establish the Law and Accounting Joint program in 2004. In addition, as a support to the Ministry of Education, our department has also set up EMBA classes since 2000.
        In 2008, we began to offer Harvard Business Case Studies, New Accounting courses for 21 Centuries, eIFRS courses of International Accounting Standard, and 5-year Inetgrated Bachelor-Master program. In 2009, Honors Program was formed to educate future leading accounting and management talents. In the same year, International Dual Degree Program and International Exchange Program were officially started in order to broaden our students' horizon and global vision. We have signed up with six top universities in the U.S. as our partner schools including University of Texas at Austin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Florida, Michigan State University, Arizona State University, and University of Washington. Both UT-Austin and UIUC offer one to three quotas for our doctoral students to work on thesis on their campuses. Starting 2008, we focus on Taiwan-China academic exchange with top universities in China. We welcome Chinese professors and doctoral students to conduct researches in our department.  In 2010, we co-hosted the 2010 Cross-strait Accounting International Conference and the 2010 Illinois International Accounting Symposium. Our goals are to conduct superior academic research, educate talented students, promote social services, and strengthen the development of our nation and culture. The courses are designed for undergruate students to make better contributions to external business and policy-making community.
Courses and Teaching Method
        For undergraduate students, courses include the concentration courses and the common core courses, which students are allowed to choose based on their interests. As for Masters students, they need to concentrate on learning from both theoretical and practical side. Besides, the Tax Group in the Masters Program needs to focus on both accounting and tax courses. For EMBA students, except for fulfilling all the required courses, practical courses and the thesis must be completed. PhD students must complete all the courses and pass the written and oral exams in order to receive their degree.
        Our emphasis is put on teaching theory as well as practice. Some of the courses are focused on theory and some on practice. Our practical theory instructors are experienced and outstanding CPAs from Big 4. Our faculty members have not only strengthened the overall research environment in the department, but also dedicated a lot of hard work into teaching. Some also hold influential positions in the government. For instance, the former President of National Chengchi University, Dr. Ting-Wong Cheng, has been the chief of committee of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, chairman of the Taiwan Accounting Association for the first two years, and is currently working at the Chinese Association of Business and Intangible Assets Valuation. Many professors are members in many committees such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board, Auditing Standards Board, Appraisal Standards Board, Accounting Principles Board, Listing Committee, Accounting Regulations Revision Committee and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. They contribute to many policies related to accounting and finance. In order to solve students’ questions promptly, we have created the "Students Resource Center" where Masters students in our graduate school take turns being the Teacher's assistants to help undergraduate students solve their questions. According to a report shown in the Commonwealth Magazine on March 15, 1998, NCCU was regarded as the Best Business School of Management in Taiwan. In addition, our Accounting Master Program was ranked number Accounting Master Program of the 2007 rankings of the 1000 National Master Students survey by Cheers Magazine. Without the efforts from all the professors and students here, we would not have accomplished this, and we will continue to work hard to achieve even greater outcomes.
Research and Education
        The atmosphere of research is the biggest feature in our department. We conduct research activities such as international research conferences, academic publications and academic workshops on a usual basis. Our department has hosted "The International Conference on Contemporary Accounting Issues" (ICCAI) each year or every two years since 1994. Conference participates include educators and professionals from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and others. Students of the Department of Accounting assist and participate in the Conference so that they can acquire globalized and modern perspectives of accounting knowledge. We have also worked with the Taiwan Accounting Association in 2004 to hold the "2004 Accounting Theory and Practice Conference." In 2008, our department formed the National Science Council Excellence Camp of Management Track and the Management Accounting International Symposium. PhD and masters students from our department will all participate in these meetings. Our department has published 30 volumes of "Accounting Reviews" so far. Its authors and referees include both domestic researchers and those abroad. The R.O.C. Ministry of Education also awarded us the Excellent University Academic Journals award in 1992, which is the only professional accounting TSSCI Journal. Our department also holds Research Workshops occasionally and invites local and international professors or PhD students to present their papers. This is a great opportunity for them to exchange different feedbacks and to make the workshops well-recognized in the region. We have always been trying to endorse higher education in the Accounting field; therefore NCCU has worked with the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics to start advanced study courses. Since 1989, two hundred people have gotten the certificate. The Ministry of Education entrusted NCCU to start a 40 credit summer session courses for nationwide high school or vocational high school teachers to pursue further education. Since 1987, one hundred and sixty people have received the certificate so far. Also, our department professors continually assist in the public administration department and offer accounting courses for all NCCU students and be the critical roles of public and business administration education.

Resources and Scholarships
        Our department is located in a great environment that provides all kinds of academic resources. Each faculty members own their personal computers and abandon resources for their researching and teaching. Other than NCCU's Computer Center and the Computer Labs at the Commerce Building, our department also provides students with wide varieties of equipment and resources. Currently, we have a media classroom, overhead projectors, computers, access to the Internet, digital camera recorders and VCRs. Other digital equipment include local area networks, laptops, personal PCs, laser printers, ink jet color printers, scanners, copy machines, projectors, slide projectors, TV sets and special copy machines. Our department also provides Media classrooms for students to study foreign language individually. Other than the Main Library, the Commerce Library and the Social Sciences Information Center, our department also has a library room full of Chinese and English books, journals and a research room with students' Masters and PhD thesis.
        Due to our long and distinguished history, we have received generous and abundant support provided by the government, accounting firms, business enterprises, alumni groups and private foundations. Students are eligible to apply for a wide range of scholarships.

Students Activities
        The Student Accounting Society is the main place that students from the Department of Accounting hold their activities. The Society is in charge of planning all sorts of student activities such as the Freshmen Welcome Party, outings, the Accounting Weekly, Alumni activities, the Student Congress, chorus, artistic activities, farewell parties, a variety of sports teams and so on. Students can learn leadership skills, communication skills, as well as public relations by attending these activities. Students can also participate in all kinds of on or off campus activities such as athletic games, debating competitions, chorus competitions, dancing marathons and etc. Students from our department were even champions in the cheerleading competition for three straight years. They were also champions in the National Accounting Basketball Tournament, Girls' Volleyball Tournament, as well as the debating competitions. Students in our department are very talented in many activities.
Alumni and Employment Opportunities
        Our Alumni has a high record of achievement in professional examinations. These examinations include the Advanced Civil Service Examination, various entrance examinations for graduate schools, and the National Exam of Certified Public Accountants. As for employment opportunities, there is a wide diversity of jobs that students who have graduated from our department may choose. They can work in all fields of accounting, academic, business industry and even for the government. In the academic field, our department Alumni, Dr. Ting-Wong Cheng, is our former president of NCCU. Many other alumni teach or lecture at various universities and colleges both in Taiwan and abroad. They also hold influential positions in the government. For instance, Mr. Chien Chi was a legislator, Mr. Yuh-Lin Lee was the Vice Budget Officer of the Executive Yuan, Mr. Chiu-Wang Yao was the Budget Officer at the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Mr. Yi-Fu Lin was the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Tong-Yin Lu is currently the chairman of the GreTai Securities Market, and Professor Hsiu-Ju Ma is currently one of the members of the Control Yuan of the R.O.C. In addition, many alumni are either in charge or are partners in many well known companies in the accounting industry. For example, Mr. Chiu-Hwa Wu was the director of KPMG, Mr. Yu-Tung Lin was the President of the Taipei CPA Association, Mr. Ching-Lai Wang is currently the president of Ernst & Young, Mr. Kuo-Chu Ma was the CEO of KPMG, Mr. Yu-Chi-Lung is the current CEO of KPMG and Mr. Chih-Cheg Chou was the President of the Taiwan CPA Association. In the business filed, Mr. Kuang-Hsiung Wu was the CEO of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Chair of Taiwan Ratings and Chair of TSC (now KGI Securities). Mr. Ming-Juh Huang was the CEO of GreTai Securities Market, and is now the Chair of SinoPac Holdings. Many other graduates are managers of large companies, such as Ms. Li-Mei Ho is theVice president of Finance and spokesman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited.

Future Development
Since 1995,in order to achieve the goal of recruiting superior students from universities and to encourage students who have talents and potential to study in accounting to apply, we have offered “Special Admission for Recommended Students” for undergraduate students as well as Master programs. Students who have graduated from public or private high schools or universities are welcome to apply. Also, in order to provide students with a global view and optimal international learning environment, our department not only offers the basic knowledge in accounting and business, but we also emphasis on obtaining better language abilities and computer skills to educate our future leaders. Our department is prepared to lead the accounting education and research in Taiwan into the 21st Century. If you would like to know more about our department, please feel free to visit us at our website for detailed and updated information. Our website is:  http://acct.nccu.edu.tw

Our Mission
  Our Miss statement can be stated as: The Department of Accounting is committed to excellentresearch, teaching, and services to advance accounting and related knowledge and prepare future leaders for business, government, and non-profit organizations in a changing environment.
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